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Free As A Bird Habit (Life) Transformation System

First things First.  Before we start steering in a new direction, we need to know WHERE you want to go.  Often we don’t even have permission to dream.  Let’s dream together and see what comes up!

What do you want your life to look like?  Your astrology chart can help generate some ideas 💡 AND using somatic experiencing will clear up any “permission to be you” blocks.

This is the beginning of creating systems (habits) that set up a life you want to live in. 
Two major keys to Goal Completion:
  1. Resolve incomplete stress response activations in your nervous system LOTS of details about that in this video course!! (or I can fill you in when you schedule the FREE chat!)
  2. Set Worthy Goals.  So often we choose Goals that are not in alignment with what we really want. 
Taking some time together to look at:

1. What habits are working already because we will build on these! 🪨

2. Where your natural strengths are (we all have different ways of taking action) ⚡️

3. Assessing what habits need to get chucked aside (the yucky ones that are not leading to completing your goals) 💡

4. Dissolve any blocks that are not yet conscious that have been leading you down the self-sabotage lane.   🧱

We’ll meet weekly for 60-75 minutes to Create the Vision, Set the Goals and Support the new habits as they take hold and become automatic.

My Free As A Bird Habit (Life) Transformation System is four months of *almost* weekly sessions (12 in all) and includes email support between the sessions and additional resources (FUNwork) or Video support as needed.

That’s not meant to be vague however, some people want a LOT of extra stuff to do (and that’s helpful so I provide it) and others are HORRIFIED at the thought of more on their plate. 

I adapt this system to YOU.  

Now the big breakdown with all the Details!

If you haven’t had your cuppa Joe yet, this is a good time to grab that and dive into the details.  

NOT big into reading details and yet you’d like to stop beating yourself up for falling down on your health habits?  Who doesn’t? It feels awful and there are serious solutions.

So if you want to just skip the next part and just schedule a FREE chat with me- Let’s do it.

 Button ➡️

Coaching is an investment.  Just like any other important investment you need to be able to ask questions, consider your options and (I hope) feel into if it’s right for you.

Pressure does NOT help us make a solid SANE decision so no pressure here.

If you are here, this far into this page, you are looking to make some changes as it takes an iron will to read through this much website copy.  So good on ya and thank you! And the point is, you are obviously looking for some changes in your habits (life) so…

I encourage you to sign up for the free chat. 

Oh. My. Pluto.  I have had many major life-altering transformations and I’ve learned some things.

One is this: When you are getting the call from the Universe to let go of something and embrace other things, best not to ignore it.  Super Duper important to pick up and deal with the message.

The calling only gets louder (like a Plotthound baying and baying and baying inside the cab of the pickup truck- only worse📢) and more uncomfortable 🌵– trust me. 

Take some action.  I am not saying it has to be with me (although the first chat is FREE– so you know maybe start with me!!) 

The Takeaway here:

Action = less suffering

Another easy action option is to jump on my FREE Habit Video Coaching Email List- EASY! CLICK

One of my friends pointed out to me (a long time ago) that she and my boyfriend at that time, would wait and watch me take a leap of faith into some unknown (at that time it was getting sober).  Once I landed and reported back that: Yes! that was scary and hard, however so worth it, then they would consider if they wanted to follow.

That’s who I am.  I am a leaper.  The net appears although sometimes it takes its sweet ole time.  😳 

I’m also a coach.

I can help you take a baby leap that isn’t nearly as scary because I have been there.   

That is what coaches do. 

We break it down into smaller more manageable leaps. 

We also report back. Yes, indeed.  It is much better to answer the call of change than to resist.  

Not going to lie. Sometimes both ways are hard. 

There’s hard and stuck needing more wine, netflix and chocolate hard. 

Then there’s hard, living your dream (barely by the edges of your fingertips) and staying in faith that the mountain you are climbing is indeed worth the view because you will get there eventually hard. 🏔

I’m all in for that second kind of hard.  I can help support you on your journey on your mountain. 

Trust me, the view, it’s worth it.

We start the adventure together! We’ll be meeting weekly on zoom (comfort of your own home!) 12X over the next four months!

The first session will be talking about the vision for you life.  Do Not Worry if you don’t know.  That’s the point of receiving some solid counseling.

Your astrology chart (which I will have spent some time with before we meet) will have so many suggestions on what to discuss.  It’s better than google maps!  It points to the great routes and also highlights the detours and blocks. 

You’ll have plenty to consider about your vision before we meet again.  Depending on YOUR personal needs and style, I’ll provide you with funwork or not.  Some people thrive on a LOT of information and others prefer a less is more approach- THIS IS THE POINT.  When private coaching with me, we will tailor your journey to fit what works best for you. 

Our next coaching sessions together will be a combo of setting some goals (or intentions if that language feels better to you- again, one size does not fit all which is the POINT!)

We will be using Somatic Experiencing techniques to clear any worthiness or permission blocks.  I have a mini course about SE, and we’ll get that to you to make this process even more efficient. (Unless that makes you feel overwhelmed, and then we’ll do it together. This is all about YOU and what YOU need.)

Permission to want what you want is so BIG.  It’s a major cause of self-sabotage.

I’ve worked with permission so many people around this, and it’s one of those things that you don’t even know you don’t have it until you start chatting with the reptile.  (see below)

We as humans have a very evolved smart brain.  (Yay us).   It helps us make meaning out of life, connect logical dots together to create spaceships and excellent binge-worthy television. 

It also gets us to do morally responsible things like pick up trash that isn’t ours and park decently (at least most of the time).

So because we have this big smart brain, we assume we are in charge when it comes to our daily routines and habits.  

NOPE.  Our very non-evolved ancient survival reptile brain is driving the bus MOST of the time when it comes to habits and routines.


The Reptile is also LARGE and IN CHARGE when it comes to beliefs.  Most of those beliefs we do not even know exist. 

And those beliefs explain why we don’t give ourselves permission to do what we say we want to do to create a life we want to live in.

Creating a life on purpose starts with:
  1. Ditching dumb irritating hard-to-break habits once and for all.
  2. Begin choosing habits that set up a feeling of aliveness, authenticity, and (drum roll here🥁) JOY which I define as a sense of well-being.

This is done by FIRST clearing out the blocks lurking below your conscious mind.  

Blocks cleared first.

Big Habit shifts second.

So many coaching systems, books and therapy strategies get it wrong.

It’s like painting the living room a lovely shade of plum dandy when the house is on fire.

We HAVE to get the unconscious to the surface and resolve old nasty beliefs and complete the incomplete stress responses FIRST.

Then we can work on the mindset.  Then we can work with our creativity to set up success.   Then we can safely get out all the painting clothes and have a plum dandy paint party.

Somatic Experiencing is the best way to communicate with the Reptile.

It’s THE way to clear blocks, gain permission and begin creating a life you want to live in.  


Big change comes from aligning with biology rather than trying to out think it.  

The more baffling your behavior, the more important this piece is.

We will communicate with your reptile during these 12-sessions and as part of my Free As A Bird Habit System through the POWER 💥 of Somatic Experiencing.

Then at the end of 12 sessions over four months, Rainbows and Unicorns everywhere.

I wish.  

Here’s what I will promise:

🌞 You will have new habits.

🌈  You will know how you “do” habits.

🦄 You will feel more at home in your skin (which feels WAY better than living in your head- trust me, I know this one very well!)

RSG - What you can Expect

Well on your way with new habits that support you in creating YOUR unique vision of your life!

Rock-Solid knowledge about how YOU “do” habits.

Full on absolute clarity about your PERMISSION (or lack of)  to want what YOU want. 

Goal COMPLETION.  Finish line.  Can’t wait to do it again COMPLETION.

Fist pump in the air- I’M ALIVE! from YOUR deeper feeling of embodiment.

Practices that support nervous system regulation are NOW included YOUR daily routines.

Strong capacity to connect to a sense of well-being (aka JOY)

Inspiration to move in YOUR own unique timing to the next step in your evolutionary journey.

My coaching system works. 

I’ve walked this walk myself and I’ve coached people into feeling WAY better about the way they do habits.

We start at the top of the system by getting to the bottom of what they really want to create with their life. (What I like to call the Vision Step of my system)

Then we set Goals. 

Then we create habits.

We communicate with your Reptile to clear the blocks. (This is the secret sauce 🫗


It also takes a minute. or said another way, sometimes more than just 12 sessions.

12-sessions is a solid, kick-ass start. 

And MAYBE enough for you. 

If there is one thing that is clear from all my coaching and years and years of studying how people change. 

One size does not fit all.


That’s badass ❣️ 

The most annoying statement in 12-step programs is this:

Time takes Time.

WTF? Right?

AND it’s true.

You want to make a Real. Solid. In. Your. Bones. Change.  It takes time.

In a world of fast and quick fixes, this is NOT sexy.

This is however TRUE.  (and maybe a little bit sexy yes?  I can think of a few things that take a lot of time that are WAY sexy).

And Real. Solid. In. Your. Bones. Change. Is. SO. Worth. it.

I can help you change. It’s what I’ve done for myself.  It’s what I’ve done with my clients.  It’s what I will do with you.

I am a deep dive, I want to live the juiciest life EVER type of person. 

The life I have created (am still creating) now consists of:

  • a job (this!) that I love as much as Sunday mornings sleeping in followed by gallons of coffee and a cinnamon roll as big as Idaho.
  • A very cool romance that is unique and continually evolving.
  • A small amount solid-gold friends that I call family.
  • Purpose (outside of my career which is my favorite purpose) in giving.  I am the Tech Unicorn in a non-profit that helps animals and the humans helping the animals here in Idaho.  Stellas 💜

Most importantly about my new life, I now, honestly & pinky swear, have the capacity to deeply enjoy the journey. 

Is it perfect? No way.

It’s messy, and hard and I highly recommend it!  It’s so authentically me.

Are you ready to be authentically you?

I can help you figure out what that is and then show you some tools, tricks, and methods to get there. 

It took other humans coaching me for me to learn about myself and then feel enough support to create this life.  (see the Deep Dive Above ⬆️)

I still get coached. 

It is the best investment I’ve ever made. 

I will continue to make that investment in myself.  I am so worth it.

I share authentically with you this: 

I KNOW I can help you learn more about yourself in 12 sessions if you show up and do your very best to deep dive with me.

I also know that if you are anything like me, (a person with a lot of transforming to do) you might need additional support, meaning another 12-pack. I feel it’s important to say that.

Maybe, maybe not.

Had to say it. 

I am over people promising quick easy fixes. 

Quick fixes have not been helpful for me.   I’ve been deeply disappointed when a quick fix was promised and did not manifest. 

I’ve had to learn to settle in for the long haul to create this life I want to live in. 

 It. Is. Worth. It.


I can promise support in YOU making a SUSTAINABLE solid change – most likely turtle style! 🐢

Ready to CHAT?

Let’s make you into a habit BADASS!

Angela Freebird.  2022. Habit Coach.


Too much to chat? Just jump on the Freebirdland Video Coaching Delivered email list!

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