Join me for this LIVE group goal-crushing adventure!

Become a BADASS Habit Creator in 2023!

Does this sound like you?!⬇️


Your light bulb moment inspiring change doesn't stick?

On your mark

You are a great starter. Finisher, not so much. *Deep Sigh here


You had more motivation. Your current favorite pasttime is beating yourself up. *Ouch


You want to feel more grateful and life just feels... Meh.

You will learn to set goals and actually complete them.

Even if you've tried and failed so many times you feel like Bill Murray in Goundhog day.


You need your OWN owner's manual to get inspiration to STICK.


Nervous System Regulation supports your capacity to take your goals to the finish line.

The ART of Noticing

Specific tools to notice progress is KEY to stoking the habit fire.


Aligning with YOUR unique Purpose sets you up to connecting with JOY daily!

Coaching made FUN!

“I felt the shift inside myself begin the first session with Angela. She is an insightful coach and healer. I am eternally grateful for my work with Angela! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”
“Angela is one of a kind. Whether the workout or coaching session (or even for a cup of tea), she brings her entire self - 100% positive energy, true dedication, and expertise. Not to mention the fun! Truly, my best self shows up when I’ve been working with her. She’ll meet you exactly where you are at and take it from there. Jump on in!”

Ready, Set, GOals

Your Solution to becoming an EXPERT in You!


Create a Vision. Your. Own. Personalized. Vision.

Set Worthy Goals

Not all Goals are created equal. Let's Pick SOLID PINK ones!


Choose HABITS that will get you to goal completion.


Weekly Meetings and Emails will keep you on track!

Who is this FREEBIRD anyway?

Angela Freebird.  I’ve been called  the JOY Captain, Skippy and (one of my favorites) a Scrapper.

I am a human who knows how to transform.  I’m also a learner/teacher.  I learn it. I teach it. Rinse.  Repeat.

I’m the coach who will help you make the changes you have been trying (and failing) to make.  You have my scrappy skippy word on that.

My Mission

Ready, Set, GOals has been my dream project for a while.  

My purpose on the planet is to coach humans into 

A. Learning how to find (and lean into) their purpose.  We need more humans on track helping to heal the planet.

B. Setting WORTHY goals by looking at what someone really truly wants as opposed to what the “should” want.  (and if they can give themselves permission to have it).

C. Educate people on how THEY (everyone is unique) “do” habits.  One size does not fit all here!

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A Title to Turn the Visitor Into a Lead

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