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The Calendar!

The Investment

The Return Policy

Now the big breakdown with all the DETAILS

Might be time to grab a beverage for this part. 

I suggest a soda stream, aka “party in your glass” complete with a reusable straw to celebrate YOU deciding to invest in completing goals that will make your life more delicious and enJOYable! 

First:  You will schedule your first private coaching appointment complete with your astrology chart for an extra layer of awesome with your new coach, ME!  Angela Freebird here.  👋🏻 So excited to be your new coach!  

CLICK HERE FOR THE EARLY BIRD BONUS of an extra included 1:1 coaching with ME!  Angela Freebird, Your new coach!

Second:  What the Heck is SE? Will be ready for you to watch/listen to, getting you prepared for communication with your reptile brain! 

Third: The Coaching Video Emails BEGIN a few days before our first group meeting!  We are going to be besties in your inbox as you become a super badass habit creator.

The beginning of aligning with your body!  It’s the secret sauce to change. It’s strange and I think you’ll LOVE it.  Plus.  It. Is. Easy. (Right? Let’s make this process fun)

And so they BEGIN. (as mentioned above!)

Starting a week before the first group coaching session!

These will get you fired up 🔥 for our group Vision class which is goupr coaching and the Kick-off for Module 1!

(Who knew Ground Hero would be so exciting!)

A VISION!  This is the beginning of PERMISSION to be YOU. 

Glorious. YOU. 

Glorious. YOU. Creating. Habits. In. Your. Own. Way.  That starts here.  This module is all about naming (discovering) what you want to create with this one precious life of yours.

Group coaching X 2 and Emails and Worksheets.  Fun Beverages and some snacks encouraged and not included.

 You. Me. and our badass habit creating group will meet on Zoom.  I’ll be there with my slides, You’ll pull out the worksheet that I emailed to you the day before, and we will begin to create using your Astrology Chart (from the video class in Ground Hero and your 1:1 coaching with me!)

We’ll also start sharpening your new Somatic Skills from What the Heck is SE (the other video class from Ground Hero) 

The coaching will be recorded if you cannot attend. 

I will be staying afterwards for Q & A as long as needed! 

Buckle up, the awesome is coming! 👊

More Emails to support the Vision Writing that will happen during the next week.  It will be as big or small as you need. The emails will provide accountability, ideas and (hopefully) a bit of entertainment! 😳.  

All emails are in video teaching form in case you want to be multi-tasking with doing the dishes or pilates (oh wowza, you beast) or something.  

Walkie – Talkie style support.  How’s it going?  I’ll be around on Monday to chat via Voxer which is SO much easier than actually scheduling something.  

Our second Tuesday will be at  7 pm Mountain time in our badass Zoom Room. 

This workshop will be tailored to questions that have come up with the group and the opportunity to share your vision. 

(NOT REQUIRED – In case you didn’t get the memo, we all have different things that feel supportive so if sharing isn’t caring for you- no problem!  I’ve got you covered).

Goals. Goals. Goals. 

Easy enough to set. 

Hard to complete. 

This is all about completion, as in, let’s get you some!

On your own time, three video coaching emails starting the Goal inspiration.  Module two KICK OFF!

Another Worksheet for FUNwork will be delivered before this Group Coaching Zoom Call.  We will work through this together in this third session at 7 pm on zoom.

  You’ll leave this workshop empowered about choosing worthy goals.

Extra Extra FUN Support with our Voxer Day(s)!

More support through emails solidifying what you are ready to bring into form.  All video of course for easy consumption.  (almost as great as your snacks)

Fourth Session.   Zoom, Zooming Zooming about Goals. 

Checking in and somatically testing the worthiness of the goals

Too big? NOPE.  Too small? Nah.  Just Right. 


Because we are tailoring your goals to your nervous system and your astrology road map.  One size does NOT fit all.  (thank goodness!) 🦄

AHHHHHH HA!  Here’s where it gets REAL!  

Vision ✅ Goals ✅

Time to pick habits! Goody!  👏

The basics about Habit and the journey of Habits.  Hint:  They take a minute (or in our 7 weeks) to solidify and become what habits are:   AUTOMATIC.

So very exciting!

Fifth Session at 7 pm.  Back to Zoom to discuss Habits 101. 

Here’s where all that preparing gets REAL.

And. FUN.

Picking your smart habits email starter course!  Video.  Obvs.

Sixth session at 7 pm.  Time to officially PICK and do some somatic testing about your new soon to be 🥁 …

AUTOMATIC behaviors. (H.A.B.I.T.S.)  Very. Exciting.

Walkie-Talkie Time for questions, strategy suggestions and bonus support!

Video courses are great. 

So are self-help books – I own like 742 of them. 

However, we do not heal alone. 

We need each other’s support to stay the course as we create new grooves in our behaviors and routines that will become AUTOMATIC

This module is about simple FUN emails landing in your box to remind you to stay the course AND a weekly group coaching meeting to talk strategies, troubleshoot stalls or falling off the tracks (how to get back on!!)

This is deliberately created with this length so you have support solidifying your new habits. 

Your knowledge about what works best for you will also increase leading you to SUCCESS.  Finally.

And then they are landing in your inbox! Video emails to inspire, educate and keep you on track.  Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday for four MORE weeks.

Optional FUNwork comes in some of them.  All of them easy.

16 in all – You are becoming a BADASS at YOUR habits!

Group Coaching Zoom meetings, seven, eight, nine, ten will all be at 7 pm mountain time.

FOUR Habit Check-in Zoom meetings with Habit Inspiration, Education and dare I say, some Entertainment. 

Time for Q & A also.  

STAY. ON. TRACK.  This is how. 

AWESOME!  Lots of support!

Last two weeks of this group coaching program creates time to celebrate completion (something that is severely undervalued in today’s culture).  This is also a time to pause and consider best for you to continue to support your awesomeness. 

Session 11!  Lots to celebrate and further inspiration to continue on your journey to feeling great about your new habits (and your new badass skills).

Resources, Ideas and final bits of support (for now) into living with your new habits and noticing (so great to NOTICE) how you have moved toward your vision!

Next Steps.

Final Group Coaching session, number 12!  Tuesday at 7 pm mountain time.

And then…

the Journey continues.  

Let’s discuss how to stay on YOUR journey of badassery!

  • You want to make a serious change without suffering (and suffering and suffering) 😳
  • You are tired of bad behaviors that make your life harder 🍪
  • You know what to eat to be healthy and yet do NOT make good choices 🥕
  • You have had a gym membership that never gets used 👟
  • You think you are broken because you just don’t perform like everyone else with habits 🦄
  • Tried everything else to stay the course and you are just plain over it. 🙃
  • You feel okayish.  You’d like to feel more contentment, peace and JOY ❣️
  • You aren’t serious about wanting to create a different life.  
  • If you aren’t interested in learning more about the Somatic Piece of sustainable change
  • Do not want to use the astrology roadmap to learn about your specific ways to change.

Are you ready to become a BADASS at your own personal habits?

RSG - What you can Expect

New Habits that support you creating YOUR unique vision of your life!

Rock-Solid knowledge about how YOU “do” habits.

Full on absolute PERMISSION to want what YOU want. (and tools to support getting there)

Goal COMPLETION.  Finish line.  Can’t wait to do it again COMPLETION.

Fist pump in the air- I’M ALIVE! from YOUR deeper feeling of embodiment.

Practices that support nervous system regulation are NOW included YOUR daily routines.

Strong capacity to connect to a sense of well-being (aka JOY)

Inspiration to move in YOUR own unique timing to the next step in your evolutionary journey.

You made it to the bottom!  Impressive.  Click above to CHAT with me to sign up. 
So THAT you can get on your  way to being a big-time BADASS habit creator! 

OR email by clicking below!  ALWAYS have an option because we are ALL so different! 🦄 

This ⬇️ needs to be fixed- I am considered a full extra *short page for VIP

Upgrade to a V.I.P option (Very Inspired Person)

Private coaching with Angela to support going deeper into a big shift.  

These sessions are offered at a serious discount AND have an expiration date that is not SET.  This is a decision we will make together.

Six Private Coaching Sessions to work on Somatic Experiencing Completion and deeper dive into your chart and anything else as you do the work with the group.  Let’s get you that Transformation!

Add $666

Seriously rockstar 🌟.  This is for those that are looking for the BIG BIG Shift. 

12-private coaching sessions with Angela at a deal to support this group coaching adventure.  

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