Three months of a group coaching to

Your Adventure begins April 2023


Ready, Set, GOals.

*High touch = lots of time with Coach Freebird 🕊  live

Ready, Set, GOals will help YOU

Set up a Life you want to live in by learning...

You will learn

Here's how this is going to WORK!

During our kick-off private 1:1 coaching session (and early birds get TWO), we will begin to dissolve any blocks preventing you from self-PERMISSION to be who you really want to be.  

Then in the Zoom Group Coaching Sessions we’ll go even deeper into dissolving any permission blocks.

Our baffling behaviors around ditching habits that hurt us Can. Be. Explained.  

A couple of examples: Why oh why did I stay up so late scrolling or I swear I really do want to get to the gym!! 

Did you get that?

They. Can. Be. Explained.

Oddly enough even the strangest habits (serious, how did that ice cream make it to the fridge??) have some brilliance and intelligence behind them.

I KNOW.  Strange things like this call for an explanation. 

I’ve got one and it works.

It’s in the nervous system and the first video class included with this program, that’s your huckleberry, 🫐  I mean explanation, I mean SOLUTION.  

One SIGNIFICANT missing piece with  traditional coaching or therapy or online classes.

Unconscious drivers are NOT addressed at the level where they reside!!!!

 (PERIOD or rather Quadruple exclamation marks!!!!) 

This is HUGE.  Just change your mindset isn’t enough for so many of us.  That’s because the smart brain (neocortex) Is. Not. In. Charge.  The reptile, survival brain is.

This course teaches you how to communicate with YOUR reptile brain!!!!

(More exclamation marks!)

Finally, (at least for this page- hello, I have A TON to share with you about habits!!) another big, (huge), important piece of what makes Ready, Set, GOals different.

You need to understand YOU.  

Astrology is your unique roadmap.  It’s like using google maps.  Yes, you can get to your destination without it however, why wouldn’t you just plug and listen to Ziggy (the Aussie Alexa voice!) with his adorable accent to get you to where you want to go quicker and easier?  

Your astrology chart is so complex and wonderful.  You can receive guidance on:

Your purpose ☀️

Your keys to more happiness 🌒

How you take action 🪐

AND so much more.

We will use this unique map in this coaching adventure to support you into becoming a BAD-F*cking-ASS Habit Fabuoso!

You can CREATE a life you want to live in!

Hello there! Angela Freebird here. Your new coach.

Angela Freebird here. Your new coach.

Anyone else out there want to be healthier?

And still have FUN?

Here’s what I know.  Change is hard.  A whole lot of us (Me! Me! Me!) NEED to have unique solutions in order to make better choices consistently (those are called habits).

Ready, Set, GOals is a Unique Solution to creating (or ditching) habits that works for humans with a super sensitive self-sabotage button.  (Me! Me! Me!)

I have a LOT to say about this, so there’s a video HERE if this is speaking to you.

“We are what we repeatedly do… therefore excellence is not an act, but a habit.”

When you know your Unique Operating System

You will confidently make solid changes in your unique way and with your unique timing.

You will ditch the despair that comes from comparing yourself to other people. 

You will create a system of compassion for your mistakes. 

Imagine what you could do if you could maintain healthy habits. 💡

You'd get to feel like this:

Recognize anxiety as a call to action and shift out of it.

Comfortable in your own magnificent skin. (such an amazing boundary, our skin)

Empowered agency to CHOOSE your behaviors. YES!

Full on PERMISSION from inside yourself to CREATE your own life your way.  And the POWER of your HABIT-forming skills will get you there.

(that’s what I am talking about. FREEDOM! 🦅 )

Ready, Set GOals

 is a coaching program for humans who are sick of not being able to

Ditch Terrible Habits 
Start Healthier Ones

The adventure happens this spring! 2023 is your year


Session 1-2: Creating YOUR Vision

Sessions 3-4: GOAL setting

Sessions 5-6: Habit Education

Session 7-10: Steadying the HABITS

Sessions: 11 – Celebration

Session: 12- Next Steps

Okay.  TRUTH.

I’m not really going to send 5842 emails.  I could. I promise I won’t.  Just checking to see if your eyeballs have glazed over with all this copy yet??!

I am going to send short video emails (so you can do be doing the dishes while you get inspired) 3X a week to support your new badassery.

These will live in the membership site also! Easy!

A self-paced video course called What the Heck is SE? is part of the program and you’ll get it as soon as you sign up. 

This course will start you on the road to communicating with your reptile (subconscious brain) and makes sustainable healthy habits possible.

Voxer is a FREE App that is the latest and greatest in the coaching world.

It’s walkie-talkie time with your new coach- Angela! 

We’ll have voxer hours most weeks and it’s a super easy way to get a quick question or two or three answered.

🤍 💡 It’s FAB!

Ready to create (ditch) some habits?

Questions? I hope so. This is important!

FAQ- let's do this!

All the live coaching sessions will be recorded.  AND you can email me specific questions before and I’ll address them. 

Tuesdays at 7 pm MST.

You will have access to What the Heck is SE for as long as there is internet.  (a long long time I hope)

You’ll have access to the program materials for the duration of the 12-week program and two months after just in case you want to review! 

This program is designed to be done LIVE and together.  


THE POINT is you will be receiving coaching to learn more about you.  Your vision. Your worthy goals and most importantly, choose and establish some habits that you want on automatic. 

This is not a program to “get to later”.  

The weekly coaching webinars /workshops will take place using Zoom.  You can absolutely keep your camera off. 100%.  This program is all about honoring what works for you so there are options.

You can email or text me questions if you want to remain anonymous. 

Another excellent question.  I have two  V.I.P. (Very. Inspired. Person) options.  A 6-pack of 1:1 coaching sessions and a 12-pack for those of you that want extra support AND a faster-track to big time transformations.

IF that isn’t enough support, my super-power is helping people figure out who to get to for the support they need so we will discuss as necessary.

I’ve got your back.  We can discuss options!

Totally.  I want you to be sure.  I want you to consider what you want.  I want to CHAT with you about if this is a good fit!

So, click here and pick a time.  Let me answer your questions and make a suggestion.    

AND the pre-coaching adventure videos should help you decide.  You can access those now and check it out!

Coaching is a solid fabulous investment.

 And to be clear.

It is an investment.  Time. Money. Energy. 

Like all great investments, it’s helpful to take your time.  Consider.  Ask as many questions as you need to ask. 

I’ve been coached weekly for over 7 years now.  I love being coached.  I love coaching.  Zero (ZERO) need for any pressured sales. (ick)

Okay.  GREAT!  I’m happy to know what I didn’t cover in this page!! Here’s some options!!  Please use whatever feels easiest to you to reach out!

I would love to hear from you!!

Here’s more details page- CLICK

Feel free to email me those burning questions- HERE

The Orange Voxer LINK below ⬇️ to get the FREE Voxer app- You can message me there!  (It’s super fun!)

Bring it Freebird. I want a Juicy Life!

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