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You would like to ditch some yucky habits & start some healthy ones.

You’ve tried to change your habits unsuccessfully.

Oh. So. Many. Times.

You are SICK & TIRED of beating yourself up.

So 2022. Let’s move on.

You just want to do the things you say (think? know? wish?) you want to do.


You can be living a life you want to live in.

You aren’t serious about wanting to create a different life.  

Habits take effort before they become automatic.  AND often we spend WAY too much energy in the wrong places. 


You aren’t interested in learning more about the Somatic Experiencing Magic of sustainable change. 

 It’s weird and it takes a minute to get it. ⏲ 

It’s alignment with natural laws which by definition are NOT a quick fix. (dang it!)

You do not want to use your unique astrology roadmap.

It’s so much more than your sun sign.

It’s not about predicting the future.  It’s about working with your unique strengths and challenges to CREATE new habits.

No worries if this isn’t for you!!

Not everyone resonates with everyone!

I wish you well on your journey into a healthier, juicier life and THANK YOU for reading this far!

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My Bottom Line:

Most of us want to do better. 

I really do believe that.

I also believe that we are getting a LOT of bad information.

More stuff.  Faster.  Try harder.  You are NOT enough.  (ugh and barf 🤢 )


Better ideas  💡 start with these principles:


Slow TF Down

Alignment w/Natural Rhythm

Messy is OK

Compassion – for ourselves and then others


That’s what I am living (work in progress- I was serious about making peace with messy).

That’s what I am coaching. 

Angela Freebird.  2022. Your Habit Coach. 🦄

Bring it Freebird. 🕊 I want a Juicy Life!

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