F. A. Q.

Nope!  Great that you asked!  This is messages that go in a FLOW back and forth with plenty of TIME between to absorb the information.  I’ll be answering within 60-90 minutes after receiving your messages.  Then you’ll have plenty of time to respond.  

Awesome!  Totally fine.  You can check in about how well you are doing between your strategy coaching sessions or skip it.  

You can send your Voxer messages anytime.  I’ll be replying on Voxer Days (Tuesdays and Fridays).  IF you really need me, you can send an email and we’ll do an SOS voxer- no problem.

GREAT!  Please email me HERE

OR better yet- download Voxer and let’s walkie-talkie back and forth and chat about everything! 😇 🚀 🧡 

See the instructions below!

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