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First the Price, then the FAQ!

FAQ ⚡️

You buy it below.  Then you start on the Habits 101 self-paced video course!

After you purchase, You’ll get a confirmation in the email and a webpage saying – YAHOO!

I will email you to set up the time and walk you through downloading the app (if you need help- it’s pretty simple however tech is not always easy for some folks- no worries!!)

PS- JUST THE FREE VERSION!! No need to do the Pro.

Great question.  On this offer there are ZERO refunds.  I’ll explain briefly.  This is a GREAT deal.  I know it will be helpful.  AND please reach out and connect with me (see below- Easy to contact me) before buying if you have reservations.

I would also recommend checking out this page so you can see how my video coaching goes.  Even though Day of Voxer coaching is LIVE coaching- the videos will get you a  solid feel for my personality and beliefs pretty quickly.  You can also check my ABOUT page from here-it will open in a new tab)

I’m a single woman show around here. All the tech, all the information, all the everything. 

This is a EASY decision and I’m not putting a ton of pressure on.  It’s a FAB deal (I mean this price will not be here long and doubtful it will ever return).

All that to make sure that you please know, there are NO refunds on this offering.

Weekdays- M-F.  I’m in mountain time zone (Idaho!) 

AND if you really really really need a weekend day, then reach out (see below Easy to contact me) and we’ll figure it out.

As soon as we can find a day that works for both of us!  Voxer is AWESOME because you can work on it while maintaining a regular day.

I’ll be emailing to start the pick a day conversation within 48 hours of purchase. (excluding weekends)

Yep. Life.  It happens.  I do ask for at least 24 hours notice please.  I schedule around this so let’s choose wisely together.  Time is so precious, so lots of changing around is less than ideal.

We can figure it out.  I am being coached with my tech website stuff right now by someone in the UK.  

I’m thrilled with how the Voxer is working with her and so I feel confident we can find 7 hours that work for both of us. 

I WISH! Wouldn’t that be amazing?

No.  I cannot promise that.  I can promise that it’s a SOLID big step in the direction of Habit Badassery.

AND it’s an ongoing practice.  I currently have a weekly astrology coach, have invested in an intuitive group LIVE coaching program and am in 3 (three) facebook groups for accountability and connection for my online business.

My point is this:  Real Time connection and accountability is KEY to making and maintaining sustainable BIG shifts.  

This is a SOLID START!  ⚡️

Contact me here:

EMAIL- click here



Voxer- Let’s chat.  CLICK HERE

Freebirdland is the name

You can also connect on Voxer on the orange tab below!

Please click on the easy-to-contact me tab above and either email or get the voxer app and send me a message.  I welcome the opportunity to connect and clarify this offer.  (or anything else!!- I love to chat!)

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