Rock your HABIT creating (or ditching) skills

You can ROCK everything else

Does this sound like YOU??

The THREE Keys to HABIT Mastery & Badassery

The three KEYS of HABIT Mastery & Badassery

HABIT Mastery & Badassery Adventure includes ⬇️

Habit Mastery and BADASSERY

It's LIVE* Group Coaching

*Live means lots of group Zoom time and Voxer days with Coach Freebird 🕊  

Angela Freebird here. Your new coach.

Private Coaching RESULTS


LIVE Group Coaching PRICING


All the live coaching sessions will be recorded and emailed afterward.  If you won’t be there OR don’t want to ask in the group, you can email me specific questions beforehand, and I’ll address them during the LIVE coaching session.

The Live time is Tuesdays at 12 pm (noon) MST (1 pm Eastern, 7 pm UK).

These will be starting on June 20. There will be one exception when Tuesday, July 4th 🧨 moves to Thursday, July 6th.  

If you miss one or two- no big deal to watch the recording.  This is a KEY piece of the program so please be sure you can make room in your schedule!

You will have access to What the Heck is SE for as long as my online business exists- I’m planning on that being a very very long time)

You’ll have access to the program materials for the duration of the 15-week program and two months after, just in case you want to review them! 

This program is designed to be done LIVE and together.  


THE POINT is you will be receiving coaching to learn more about yourself.  Your vision. Your worthy goals and, most importantly, choose and establish some habits that you want on automatic. 

This is not a program to “get to later”.  

The weekly coaching webinars /workshops will take place using Zoom.  You can absolutely keep your camera off. 100%.  This program is all about honoring what works for you so there are options.

You can email or text me questions if you want to stay off the screen.

Another excellent question.  This will stand alone and get you into habit badassery.  AND extra one-to-one coaching is available IF you would like more support.  This coaching will be significantly discounted for Habit Mastery & Badassery adventurers!

I’ll mention this in the Zoom calls or you can just let me know you are interested.   

I want you to be sure.  I want you to consider what you want.  I want to CHAT with you about if this is a good fit!

So, click here and pick a time.  Let me answer your questions and make a suggestion.    

Coaching is a solid fabulous investment.

 And to be clear.

It is an investment.  Time. Money. Energy. 

Like all great investments, it’s helpful to take your time.  Consider.  Ask as many questions as you need to ask. 

I’ve been coached one-to-one weekly for over seven years now.  I’ve purchased several online coaching programs.  I am currently also being mentored with my business.  I am in a spiritual coaching group.  I love being coached.  I love coaching. 

There is zero (ZERO) need for any pressured sales so there will not be any.  Let’s CHAT.

Okay.  GREAT!  I’m happy to know what I didn’t cover in this page!! Here are some options!!  Please use whatever feels easiest to you to reach out!

I would love to hear from you!!

Schedule a CHAT (It’s FREE!)

Feel free to email me those burning questions- HERE

The Orange Voxer LINK below ⬇️ to get the FREE Voxer app- You can message me there!  (It’s super fun!)

Seriously!  I know.  Voxer. Voxer. Voxer.

It’s 1:1 coaching via an app that is similar to texting although there is an option to be listening live.  (do not worry- you do not have to listen live!)

The beauty is that you can get a TON accomplished without a major sit-down session.

My coaches are using it, and I LOVE IT.  

Below is how to contact me once you download it.

OR here’s even more about VOXER days in Habit Mastery & Badassery with me… CLICK HERE 

Angela has such a passion for her work and for using her vast knowledge and experience to help others. She is extremely intuitive; I have learned so much about myself in our sessions. With her guidance, I know I’m already on the path to a more joy-filled, peaceful life. It’s exciting!
-Suzanne Alexander
“I felt the shift inside myself begin the first session with Angela. She is an insightful coach and healer. I am eternally grateful for my work with Angela! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”
-Narda Pitkethly
"The time I have spent working with Angela has been incredibly valuable. With her guidance and support I’ve been able to develop new habits, find inner peace, and see life from a new and better perspective. Angela is knowledgeable, encouraging, sincere, funny, real, supportive, caring, energetic, loving, and above all…. ALWAYS there for me."
-Emily Nelson

Bring it Freebird. I want a Juicy Life!

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