You want to make a change in your habits (life!!)

Plus, you’d love to ditch all the suffering!

Welcome to letting go of the sufferfest!

Get started – Habits 101 (free)

You are SICK & TIRED of beating yourself up.

It feels so awful (and doesn’t really work!!)

Welcome to learning some self-compassion!

You. Do. Not. Suck. is a great place to start with this!

You would like to be healthy AND have fun.

Welcome to letting GO of extremes and finding a middle ground!

Here’s some Short & Sweet Habit Videos!

The TOOLKIT (Free)

You’ve tried EVERYTHING to stay on track...

and feel like a failure.

I love being the last resort.  Powerful change comes when you’ve tried hard, harder and hardest.

Ready to try different?!?


I love it. 

Receiving Coaching (I like the feeling of support and success) and Giving Coaching (I love helping other people feel more successful with habits)

The Mountains

The forest in the mountains. Ahhhh.

I make time to be out there almost every single day (which is easy here in Idaho so I feel lucky almost every single day!)


People are Interesting. So. Interesting.

My mom told me that when I was little I would chat with ANYONE.

Grocery store, out on the trail, over zoom, or over coffee?!?

I’m in for a solid chat.


 DOGS!  💛 💛 💛

I live with a hound dog named Lucky and he’s a piece of work who keeps my life interesting.  (also keeps me out in the forest🌲 on a regular schedule!)

Big RED!

She’s my big  1-ton truck camper.

I know attachment is a set up for all kinds of pain.  I’ll admit it.  I’m attached. 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE being in my camper with Lucky in the forest.


Canva and a website = HEAVEN

  I’ve been working on this one for WAY too long.

(It’s just so fun!)




Yum.  ☀️ 🌖

It’s changed my life.

I love all things astrology.

So. Much.

Stella’s Shelter FUND

I’m the Tech Unicorn for this amazing non-profit.  

Stellas = 💜 Love

In my coaching practice and in my personal evolution (which is very important to me). 

Get Creative

Harder is okay.
Different is almost always better!

Looking at the problems through the lens of "How Does This Make Sense?" feels better (and works better!)

Change is possible

You have the perfect chart for you.
Your astrology chart names the challenges AND more importantly

Highlights the solutions.


The speed we are living with is against natural rhythms.

Changing in a sustainable way takes TIME and gentleness.

EnJOY the journey

What's the point of getting somewhere if we cannot be present and appreciate if not everything, at least most of the experiences along the way?

Sometimes I wear other hats (Party 🎉 hats)

Strength Trainer

I specialize in FUNctional training (heavy on the FUN)



Here’s the website

Tech Unicorn

Website updates, Creative Writing, Graphics. 

I speak website, and I’m a coach, so that is VERY Helpful. 

Who doesn’t love a Tech Unicorn? 

You made it to the end A-MAZ-ZING

One more invite to the FREE video coaching email FREEBIRDLAND!

It’s a great FREE resource to inspire, educate and maybe even entertain you from the safety of your inbox!

Are you still here? (hooray)

Here's my bottom line

Most of us want to do better.
If you would like to do better with creating habits (and by doing so creating a life you want to live in)
You will need:

Clarity on who YOU were born to be

AND our purpose on the planet at this time.

Astrology’s roadmap is magic for this! 🪄 

Permission to thrive and enjoy

Healthy non-addictive pleasures are one solid start.

Somatic Experiencing is the secret sauce for this! 🦋

I can support you in gaining clarity about what you really want AND help you give yourself permission to go for it!

Bring it Freebird.  I want a Juicy Life ➡️

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