Sick and Tired of beating yourself up?

You. Do. Not. Suck.

You may not believe it yet, however, 

if you are failing with your healthy decisions

there is actually ALWAYS a reason that makes sense.

that reason is not that you are not trying hard enough.

True story.  Trying hard only takes you so far.


We say we want something.  We want to change something.  We do mean it.  We really really mean it.

And then.

We do just the opposite.  First we try HARD.  Then it doesn’t stick.

We double down. Try harder. Sure we might stick with it for a while, however, the shift doesn’t last. 

We then quit.  Assuming that obviously, we didn’t try hard enough.


Our conclusion is

The Course Outline


You can check out the 3 intro videos BEFORE making the investment!

Ever indulge in some of these feel-good (🤮) thoughts?

Dang it.  Cannot get myself to the gym.  

For heaven’s sake, too much wine, again.

I cannot for the life of me stick to my diet. Ugh!

Conclusion.  I didn’t try hard enough.  I cannot do it.  I must just suck.

Angela Freebird here. Your new coach.

Did any of those pain points above ⬆️ resonate?

UGH. I get it.  I’ve had ALL of those and YUCK.

My name is Angela Freebird.  I teach what I am longing to learn (and have learned).

I’ve created this course because I wanted to feel better in my life and I knew to feel better I HAD to stop beating myself up for falling down.  It’s a lifelong obsession journey for me and this course contains practical ways that I have gone from a professional level of self-flagellation to just the occasional *ugh- what did I just do??*  Trust me- it feels WAY better now to be me.  

This course will help you feel way better to be you.

Who's failing who? ⬇️

Trying harder.  Trying someone else’s strategy. Trying the same thing on repeat.

You are not failing.  These strategies are FAILING you.

2023.  The year of different.


"We can not become what we want by remaining what we are."

If beating ourselves up for failing worked...

We would all be as healthy as can be!

It just will not get you where you want to go!

Imagine how nice life would feel if you felt better about YOU.

You'd get to feel like this:

When it came to making shifts, you’d KNOW there is a unique solution for you. 

You could ditch the despair that comes from comparing yourself to other people. 

You could create a system of compassion for your mistakes. 

Permission to access support for your unique system.

More comfortable and confident being YOU.

Confidence in finding interesting solutions that suit you.

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