You. Do. Not. Suck.

2024. Time to let go of beating yourself up for falling down on your healthy habits. This is the year of DIFFERENT. See Ya Later feeling Sucky. Hello, feeling A-maz-zing. 🧡 This course has the Intro for FREE so you can see if it is your flavor of inspired education and then the investment is $97
Awesome! Awesome

6 Lessons

  1. HABITS- they are the powerhouses behind sustainable changes.  Sustainable change feels successful and is the antidote to feeling like you suck. Let's GO! 🚀

  2.  Say hello to Lois Lane.  She's our first example of why habits are KEY to automation!  

  3. Let's TALK about Goals!

  4. Let's TALK about Goals!

  5. Here's a second example to support absorbing what we are learning together here in Module 2

About your coach

Angela Freebird

Angela Freebird here. At one point (a whole lot of points, actually), beating myself up was as common as breathing. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. It was so hard to be me. And that really did SUCK.
I made it my life's mission to unwind that for myself, AND because I am also a born teacher and coach, I figured out how to share that information with my people.
Here is that information. Freebirdstyle.
You. Do. NOT. Suck. Really. Truly. You don't!!
Let me teach you how to let go of beating yourself up. It feels SO SO SO SO much better to let go of that painful mindset!

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