Ready to become a Habit Badass?

What's under the hood?

Self-sabotage is BAFFLING. 

Usually it

Makes. No. Sense.

That’s your unconscious beliefs protecting you in an old-fashioned 100% out-of-date way. 

We need to get those up to the surface for transformation asap so you can rockstar your habits properly! 🤘

Once they surface, you get to decide what to do with them.

Might I suggest ceremoniously kicking them to the curb for good? 

Your Operating System

One. Size. Does.


Fit. All.

Your unique astrology chart is better than google maps for navigating alignment with:

➡️ Your life’s purpose ☀️

➡️ Your unique secrets to happiness 🌙

➡️ Best ways to take action 🪐

All that = Awesome Habit Skills

Support ROCKS! 🎸 🪨

 We’re better together. (Repeat a few times as a chant 😃)

We do not heal alone.

Another human with a regulated nervous system (that’s me!! 🙋🏻‍♀️) sitting with you listening, and offering new ideas for you to try on will make changing your life through the power ⚡️ of habits easier. 

What was impossible becomes possible, and that is why coaching rocks! 🦋 

HELLO! and Welcome! 👋🏻

If you are ready to cease and desist with the beating up on your unique fabulous self for failing to ditch old stinky bad habits,

You are in the right place.

If you are ready to start choosing and sticking to amazing healthy habits to will support you in creating a life that you want to live in,

You are in the right place.

I know how to make sustainable changes. I know how to help other humans make sustainable changes. If you are looking to change in a way that feels sustainable, out of the box and yes, even joyful then,

You are in the right place.

Habit Strategist, Coach

Life is too exhausting to stay on the healthy course without some SOLID Automations (habits) in place to support you creating a life you want to live in.

Spending some time learning HOW and WHY you do your daily routines (habits) is the royal road to being able to change some things up in here already.

So I repeat:

My coaching supports YOU learning how YOU create habits

Somatic Experiencing

What the Heck is SE?

Only the secret sauce to sustainable change!


Isn’t this woo-woo?

Only if you don’t believe in statistics. 

Align with your purpose. 

Enjoy feeling deeper Sanity!

Psychology of Eating

HOW we feel about eating is as important as WHAT we eat. 

Fully inhabiting your skin makes for a juicy life.

Doesn’t that sound Delish?



I learn it.  I live it. 

I fall down. 

(I know how awful it feels to try, try harder, and fall flat… again)

I get back up (sometimes quickly and sometimes it takes a minute with a whole lot of swearing. And chocolate). 


I coach it because I have lived it inside and out.



I’m with you.  I’m listening.  

I will help you figure this out and get you to your next best step.

"We do not heal alone."

LIVE Group Coaching
  • 15 weeks of LIVE weekly small group coaching through Zoom
  • Massive email video email coaching
  • 1:1 Personal CONNECT TO VISION  Astrology coaching session 
  • 15 Voxer coaching days!  Once a week!

This Program is Awesome because it uses all my great tools AND sets up a TON of accountability (which is uniquely fabulous!)

NEXT ROUND IS January 2024!


1:1 Freebird Coaching

Private Coaching.  Ahhhhhh.

I love being coached.  I’ve been coached weekly for close to seven years at this point. It has supported me through so many significant changes as I have


given myself


to create a life that I want to live in.

I love coaching as much as I love being coached.  You can read about how I’ve helped humans make big changes HERE.

If you would like my help making big shifts through the power of habits,

Click here for more!

Self-paced video courses

Easy place to start.  AND at a lower price point.  These video courses will get you a head-start on the 1:1 coaching

One more EASY thing to support your adventure into becoming a habit BADASS

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