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Last activity on June 24, 2024

What to expect from this program

More Support Options Below! 🦅

Very. Inspired. Person. 

Freebird Coaching Special.

This price is available IF you have invested in You. Do. Not. Suck.  

This price is available until May 7, 2023.


I KNOW.  Facebook.  

I am the first to admit that social media often makes me feel a bit yucky.  AND the groups I belong to are specific support and solutions for problems I want to solve and they are WORKING for me.

Freebirdland is Habit support, encouragement and some Freebird style cheerleading.  You are invited to join.


Work at your own pace. 

There are extra resources that are optional in tabs Please HONOR you.  Use them or don’t!

Just watching the videos will take you a SOLID step closer to letting go of beating yourself up.  

Updates on the podcast version will be posted in the FB and on the email list.  Please jump on the email list below (you might already be on there??) and as soon as I get it loaded… you’ll be in the KNOW!

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