Where the Habit MAGIC 🪄 happens

Habits 101 - the short and sweet version

Oh yeah! Six Unique Habit tips *Freebird Video Coaching style FOR YOU so that YOU can start becoming a BADASS at creating habits! Oh and hello (YAY) it's FREE!

Taurus Medicine


What the heck is Somatic Experiencing (SE) and WHY should I care? 💡

The Somatic Experiencing MAGIC is how to make massive sustainable transformations. (It's the secret sauce!)


Quick Videos to inspire some quick relief to feel better. (and set up feeling better long term- yeah!)

You. Do. Not. Suck.

2023. Time to let go of beating yourself up for falling down on your healthy habits. This is the year of DIFFERENT. See Ya Later feeling Sucky. Hello, feeling A-maz-zing. 🧡
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