What you will learn from this mini-reading:

What you will receive with this mini-reading


You bet.  Full refund if you don’t find it helpful.  Just let me know before May 7, 2023 (my birthday and the end of the deal).

No Worries. 

YES!  100% need to have an accurate birthtime for this offering.  Usually on your birth certificate.  Sometime in the morning will not give you the information promised in this offering. (Advanced astrologers can read your chart and determine your approximate birthtime however, that is beyond my scope at this point).

NO.  I’ll collect your birth information and send the video to you within 2 days of your purchase (most likely sooner).

I’ll have a live additional ADD-on (which is NOT a requirement- this offer stands alone) IF you are interested in more.

NOPE!  This is what I would like to call an appetizer mini-reading.  It’s helpful and I believe will change how you look at mercury in retrograde.  Natal charts are complex wonderful roadmaps.  This is just a tiny section of the map.  Still quite useful!

GREAT!  This is a last minute birthday offering and I may have missed some information that you need.  Please email me by clicking here and I’ll get back to you!  Thanks for asking! 

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