Refund and Returns Policy


There are no refunds or returns on any product that is delivered through video online format.   All the courses have a FREE preview to see if it’s a good fit.  Please consider your purchase wisely.


While there are no refunds whatsoever on my online classes, there are refunds with my high-touch coaching packages.  This is hopefully VERY avoidable, as you and I will have spoken about your investment.  However, if, within the first week of coaching, you change your mind, please let me know, and we will discuss a refund that works for both of us.  Your investment minus the time we have spent together. 

Group Coaching Guarantee

Habits Mastery and Badassery- The Pilot.  The refund policy on this, June 20, 2023 round of group coaching, is as follows:  After signing up and participating in the 1:1 coaching session using your astrology chart and it doesn’t feel like a good fit, I will refund 100% of your investment.  Further, if after you participate in the 1:1 coaching AND the first group coaching on zoom on June 20, and don’t feel like it is a good fit, I will refund 100% of your investment.  AFTER June 21, 2023, there will be NO refunds for any reason.  

Need help?

Contact me at for questions related to refunds and returns.  At this point, I am a one-woman show.  I do everything I can to help you make an informed decision about your investment with me to avoid needing this page at all.  That said, I want you to be happy with the time and money you spend on learning more about YOU and how YOU do habits within the framework of my habit strategy coaching systems, so please reach out if you need to discuss a product you’ve invested in.  Thank you for being part of my world 🌎,  💜 Angela

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