Nervous System 101

Last activity on May 18, 2024

Your beautiful (AUTOMATIC) Stress Response

So to REPEAT – This course is BUY IN education for Somatic Experiencing as a solution to nervous system regulation and why you should care.  IF you want deeper dives- great.  IF you do not- great.  It works either way!

Whew. 😅  Optional deeper dives below ⬇️ (did I mention that this is optional?? 😇)

Twig Wheeler is AWESOME.

It’s always a good day when you get to spend some time TWIG- in person is super sunshine fun and inspiring 😄 !  His online videos and podcasts are also quite nice! (again inspired and educational and FUN to watch). Here’s a link to get started in his magnificent world.


Today's Hike "together" ⬇️
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