Ready to become a Habit Badass?

Somatic Experiencing

What the Heck is SE?

Only the secret sauce to sustainable change!


Isn’t this woo-woo?

Only if you don’t believe in statistics. 

Align with your purpose. 

Enjoy feeling deeper Sanity!

Psychology of Eating

HOW we feel about eating is as important as WHAT we eat. 

Fully inhabiting your skin makes for a juicy life.

Doesn’t that sound Delish?


I learn it.  I live it. 

I fall down. 

(I know how awful it feels to try, try harder, and fall flat… again)

I get back up (sometimes quickly and sometimes it takes a minute with a whole lot of swearing. And chocolate). 


I coach it because I have lived it inside and out.



I’m with you.  I’m listening.  

I will help you figure this out and get you to your next best step.

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