Would you like more JOY daily?

More JOY is possible.Ā 

I’m NOT talking about Ohhhhh Weeeeeeee… I’m on vacation blissed out on the beach joy.Ā 

Most of us can get there for the few weeks (days?) that we get a vacation (or with enough vino, yes?)

No more same ole same ole

If you really want to make a change then shift to non-traditional ideas! šŸ’”Ā 

Simple = Doable!

Simple AND powerful.Ā  A winning combination! šŸ‘ŠĀ 

Ideas are great

AND Ideas with practical How. To. Actually. Do. It. are better! šŸ’„

Howdy Joy Seeker! šŸ‘‹šŸ»

Who do I think I am promising more JOY?

My life has been dedicated to figuring out how to be happier.

It's been bumpy and at times quite a mess.

Turns out, addictions are only temporary joy

It’s true ā¬†ļø.Ā  I’ve done plenty of research. šŸ™„

I have found SOLUTIONS that suport me getting to more JOY . Daily.

Not only do these solutions work. They come MINUS all the side-effects.

Habit Strategist. Coach.

Are you familiar with the side effects that come from indulging when you are seeking happiness, contentment and peace?

The hangover

Ugh.Ā  Plus, the guilt.

The shopping

Right? Plus, the guilt.

The devices

Time wasted = Guilt

The snacks

Overeating = Major Guilt

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